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What Limited Government? The Future of Freedom Foundation

One of the common misconceptions about the United States is that the federal government is a “limited government,” unlike tyrannical regimes, which are characterized as “omnipotent government” or “unlimited government.”

Limited government means that the government’s powers are limited in nature and scope. Omnipotent or unlimited government means that the government can do whatever it wants.

Limited government certainly was the founding principle of the U.S. government. That’s what the Constitution was all about. By enumerating the powers that the federal government would be permitted to exercise, the Framers were establishing limited government. The first ten amendments to the Constitution further restricted the powers of the federal government.

Yet, how can anyone really say that the United States is still characterized by limited government?

Consider the CIA, which is one of the premier agencies of the U.S. government. It wields the power to kidnap people, incarcerate them in secret prisons anywhere in the world, torture them, rendition them to friendly tyrannical regimes, or assassinate them.

There are no limitations on the exercise of such powers.

How do you get more unlimited than that?

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$5M fallout from wild freeway chase

(Source: generalinjusticeblog)

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Four Things the State is Not

Great stuff from Tom Woods. Worth your time.

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Democracy explained in a way anyone can understand.

Democracy explained in a way anyone can understand.

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