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A collection of thoughts, links, news and pictures about Ulcerative Colitis (my 8 year old daughter has the disease), triathlon, and a few other nuggets thrown in from time to time.
The state may be many other things, but at root it is a compulsory political organization that has acquired and maintains a monopoly of violence that is called legitimate within a certain geographical area.
"A child born today will grow up with no conception of privacy at all."  Edward Snowden

"A child born today will grow up with no conception of privacy at all."  Edward Snowden

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The State: A group of men who rule over areas of land by violence.

Lysander Spooner

"His activism began with his career as a lawyer, which itself violated Massachusetts law. Spooner had studied law under the prominent lawyers and politicians John Davis and Charles Allen, but he had never attended college. According to the laws of the state, college graduates were required to study with an attorney for three years, while non-graduates were required to do so for five years.

With the encouragement of his legal mentors, Spooner set up his practice in Worcester after only three years, openly defying the courts. He saw the three-year privilege for college graduates as a state-sponsored discrimination against the poor and also providing a monopoly income to those who met the requirements. He argued that “no one has yet ever dared advocate, in direct terms, so monstrous a principle as that the rich ought to be protected by law from the competition of the poor”. In 1836, the legislature abolished the restriction. He opposed all licensing requirements for lawyers, doctors or anyone else that was prevented from being employed by such requirements. To prevent a person from doing business with a person without a professional license he saw as a violation of the natural right to contract.”

From the Wikipedia article about Lysander Spooner.

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